Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Raves (no, not that kind)

Alas, I fear the time may have come to buckle down and study for this whole bar exam nonsense, so mixes and postings may be slow to come over the coming months. But today, as my good friend Ice Cube said, was a good day. You see I saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it read...oh, no, that wasn't what made it good. Rather today was a confluence of my tastes and good luck on the level rarely seen. To begin - the last issue of the series that got me back into reading comics, Y: The Last Man, finished off the story on a high note. I found a really, really awesome comic called Johnny Hiro, which featured a guest appearance from none other than Jeffrey Steingarten (!). Oh, there's this little show called Curb Your Enthusiasm, whose 6th season is now my greedy little clutches. And last, but far from least, I scored a copy of Starry Eyes gods Hot Chip's latest relase, Made In The Dark (and a touch early nonetheless). Whew.

To celebrate this consumption, let me break you off a little piece of a tasty band that passed through Indy last night - Howlies. Now, I promise not to become one of those blogs, that's constantly hyping the next big thing, etc. But these guys brought the heat, and made me glad to have ventured out in a cold, cold night.

Howlies - Angeline

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