Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hump Night - So Effin' Disco

So for anyone who has been down with the Foot for a while, I have a weekly mix series I like to do called Hump Night, which focuses on Wednesday evenings. Well, tonight I'm proud to announce that Hump Night is back, baby! I'm really proud of this mix as it features some Bollywood, the personification of disco, a song about working at a supermarket, a Kylie Minogue reject, a track from an upcoming record that's a concept album about the life of John Delorean, the track that most makes me want to buy a vocoder and dispense relationship advice, and bringing it full circle, a banging remix of a song that samples a different track from the original Bollywood soundtrack. I think it came out pretty...pretty...pretty good. Check it:

DJ Educated Foot - Hump Night Rides Again

Hope you enjoy. Look for a big things from Starry Eyes in early '08 as I do all I can to combat the vast & unimaginable boredom of studying for the bar.

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