Sunday, September 23, 2007


2 posts in less than 2 months - look out, because Starry Eyes is on a roll. This track has been my techno anthem for the last couple of months. It's off the confusingly titled 4 Jazz Funk Classics record, and is a fairly early production by techno-god Carl Craig under his 69 moniker. I didn't know this when I bought the record, so I thought that I might actually be getting 4 jazz funk classics. Instead, I got this absolute monster of a track (and the rest of the record is pretty sweet as well). Enjoy this, as I have been pretty enthralled by its hypnotic pulsings for a while.

69 - Ladies & Gentleman

Friday, September 14, 2007

We Apologize For The Delay

Long time, no post. Thank the good people of Comcast (a whole nother story), thank getting settled in a new city, thank a mad scramble for's all irrelevant now, as Starry Eyes is officially back in business. And to celebrate that, a beast of a post of some of my favorite instrumental(-ish) jams at the moment, all taken from my ever-growing crates. Let us waste no further time upon pleasantries. Music, please.

Gabor Szabo - Caravan

Leading things off is an incredible drum break provided by Bernard "Pretty" Purdie and is the intro to a nicely drum heavy version of what has got to be one of my favorite tunes of all time. This comes off the Jazz Raga LP, which features a lot of Szabo on sitar and is a solid record, if not the mind-blower I was hoping for. But man, oh man, this track really hits the sweet spot.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Never Can Say Goodbye

Kirk really knocks this one out of the park, so much so that you hardly miss the sweet stylings of a young MJ at all. It's lyrical and funky rolled into one and has really been tearing up my iPod. Originally off the Blacknuss LP, it was just one of many delights I found on the 2-LP The Art of Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Kool & the Gang - Jungle Jazz

You know, before all the "Ladies' Night" nonsense, Kool & the Gang were some bad motherf*****s. Seriously. Just check this track out, which starts like the oh-so-familiar "Jungle Boogie" then gets all Ron Burgundy (yazz flute) on us. Between this and "Summer Madness" these guys were untouchable. This one's off Spirit of the Boogie, but you can't go wrong with pretty much anything pre-Open Sesame.

Manu Dibango - Pepe Soup

An absolute monster jam off the aptly titled Makossa Man LP. There are some words, and I kind of shudder to think of what "Pepe Soup" might be, but there is no denying the groove. And you can read interesting stuff from a blogger who actually does some of this so-called "research" here.

Okay, hope these will satisfy everyone for a little bit. I'm definitely not planning on two months until the next post, so check back soon.